What is OTRS

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OTRS = Open source Ticket Request System

As the name suggests, OTRS is a "ticketing system" which provides users with an application that can create, distribute, answer, manage, and archive trouble tickets received from customers via telephone or e-mail.

By default, user roles in the system are configured as Agents who respond to requests, and Users who receive services. Both types of users interface with OTRS through its fully customizable web interface. After the appropriate installation, setup, and configuration, user can access tickets and ticket histories, as well as create new tickets if appropriate to their role in the system. Additional roles can also be created, and out of the box roles can be customized to fit any specification or requirement.

Tickets enter the system and are subsequently managed by assignment or movement between queues. All tickets issued for individual customers and companies have unique, customizable numerical identifiers. Actions are stored in the database and can be accessed through the ticket history. Tickets can have different status characteristics, escalation times, and email addresses depending upon the queue in which they reside. This is also preserved in the history and archive.

Statistical analysis is also possible. Tickets can be answered with predetermined e-mail responses that can also contain attachments. Automation of responses and notification evens is possible.

The project is open source and is distributed and supported at orts.org .

There is also a company that offers commercial suppot: www.otrs.com