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This package allows your OTRS system to send SMS messages to customers and agents.

It leverages Notification Event Module code, and create to choose between some available SMS gateways.

Current Available Gateways

The SMS sending is made by specific gateways. At this moment, this module works with the following gateways:

  • Clickatell
  • Mobile Pronto
  • ZEnvia

You can write new gateways easily, including using Asterisk or some kind of hardware to send SMS directly from OTRS Server. If you do so, please consider to do that under our github to share it with OTRS Community (Check Support the Development section).

Install and Configuration

You can download the package on the following link:

Download SmsEvent Package

Just install it through Admin -> Package Manager.

Then you need to create new triggers under Admin -> SMS (Event).

You can choose group of recipients.


For Customers, mobile number should be a filled under User Mobile field, specifying also, in most cases, the country number: +55 11 9999 9999

For Agents, as we don't have a Mobile field in agent registration, you will need to create a customer with the same login of the agent, and fill the mobile number information under it's customer information. SMS Event module will check if that agent has a corresponding customer login and get it's information.

You can also specify custom recipients on "Recipient Mobile Numbers (separated with comma)".

Mobile Pronto Specific Configuration

Clickatell Specific Configuration

ZEnvia Specific Configuration

Support the Development

This package needs help to increase it's features and it's available gateways. If you have an idea, you can help us developing it since this code is under GitHub:

You can also support this development making donation or requesting a project to increase it's functionality.

Custom Development and Professional Support

Professional Support and Custom Development for this package can be found on the following link(s):