Notify Users that a Ticket has closed

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Please Note

There is a reason this notification is not there out of the box, it is that in general the idea is that you either phone or email your customers when you close a ticket. If you track this phone call in or send the email from OTRS, your customer is aware that the ticket changed states and why. That said, we can understand if you feel the need to notify your customers of closure, especially for instance if you need to report back closure codes.

The Event Based Notification mechanism will help you with this.


This is done in the Admin, Notification (Event) section:

Add a new Notification [Add]

Edit (Change):

Name: Close Ticket Notification

Recipient: Agent (Owner) and Customer

Event: TicketStateUpdate

State: closed successful and closed unsuccessful

Subject: Closed (<OTRS_TICKET_Title[100]>)


This ticket <OTRS_TICKET_Title[100]> has been closed.

Please don't reply to this message unless for some reason you do not feel this ticket needs to be closed.

You can track your ticket here:


Valid: Valid